Welcome to Alternate Pathways Outreach Center
Life is full of challenges and surprises. We wonder “Why is this happening to me” and “Why does it have to be so painful” ? The answer is, we choose and repeat our lessons until we learn from them and move on. The term unconditional love is often misunderstood as unconditional step all over me. When it, “In my reality” means “ I love you for all the lessons you have presented to me and now I can move on or stay but the choice is mine. Either way I still love you. We tend to adopt feelings of guilt and judgment.

These are thoughts and patterns taught by well intended mentors who are often stuck in the dogma of their religions or politics. We often stay in these limitations out of fear or shame. The consequence being a continuous attraction of the same or similar people or events that help us to create our private hell. Once again it is our choice to remove ourselves or perpetuate the agony, by allowing the event or person to control our destiny in the name of love. Our self serving desire to be right at any cost is often a factor in our decisions.

I guess the question is, do we want to be happy or do we want to be right? When choosing rightness over happiness we are serving “EGO”, which is “Edging God Out” by constantly defending ourselves through judgment and control. However if we are in a space of SOUL it no longer matters who is right. We have chosen the “Sanctuary of Unconditional Love“ and soul has no need to fight or create chaos only peacefulness. This mind set takes some time and energy and while it is very simple, it is not often easy. Society and cultures have taught us to fight for what we want and for a time it may seem as though we are totally successful. Unfortunately until we recognize there must be a balance between ego and soul. We look outside ourselves to experience happiness and fulfillment. When all along our true happiness is inside residing with soul and the unconditional love we are born with. Rather than returning to or repeating our past negative experiences. We might take another path like forgiveness. Forgive the one that hurt you and thank him/her for presenting the lesson. After all it is merely a reflection of that part of you that needs to be understood and re-created.

It is not our job to condemn or condone the faults of others by embarrassing or berating them. It is our obligation to be an example of love. If the other person does not choose a loving path then we can move on with a clear consciousness knowing we have done our best. Wish them the best and remember the choice is yours as to who you want to be and who you want to be with. Your focus must be on you and your new life. Dwelling on the negative events of your past will not only bring you down but pose as a block to your future happiness. Look forward to new horizons with love in you heart and forgiveness in your soul. We don't always have to know the reasons for someone else's actions. Just hold a space of love for them and eventually they will come home. It's God's Universal law, we are born of love and die into love what goes around comes around. Perhaps not always in our time frame. However, when we hold love as a time in space and a space in time. Patience will reveal the parking space closest to Heavens door.